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Glendon Cox, M.D., MHSA, MBA


Education and Training

The University of Kansas, School of Medicine: Bachelor of Arts - Chemistry
The University of Kansas, School of Medicine: Master of Business Administration
The University of Kansas, School of Medicine: Master of Health Services Administration
The University of Kansas, School of Medicine: Doctor of Medicine

Research Interests

My research increases range from human performance and perception through visual signal detection to computer applications and the use of artificial intelligence in medical imaging. Beyond the general areas of research in radiology, I have been involved in a number of research projects and publications related to health systems quality, safety and economic performance; management of health systems and health care professionals; and the training of and supply and demand for future health care professionals, particularly physicians.


My teaching interests include the organization and management of health care systems. I have also been deeply involved in efforts to fundamentally change the organization of undergraduate medical education. I regularly facilitate a variety of small group activities for medical students including problem based learning and case-based collaborative learning sessions. I have also provided large group sessions covering the interface between business and medicine. My long-standing teaching assignments in Health Policy and Management include two masters courses:

  • HP&M 810: The Health Care System
  • HP&M 830: Health Care Management

In my graduate teaching, I incorporate a number of guest speakers and organize most sessions around case analysis and discussion drawing on a range of sources including print, cinema/video, web-based materials and in-class and online simulations. The development, delivery and evaluation of multiple individual and team based student presentations are central features of both of these masters classes.

Curriculum Vitae

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Last modified: Dec 17, 2019

Glendon Cox, MD, MHSA, MBA


Glendon Cox, M.D., MHSA, MBA

P: 913.588.0357
F: 913.588.8236