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PhD in Health Policy and Management

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PhD Student and Faculty Research, Publications and Presentations


PhD student Taynara Formagini presented the poster "Symptom Communication and Assessment: Do Cancer Patients and Palliative Care Physicians agree and does it matter?" She was mentored by Dr. Joanna Brooks, and contributers were Claire Poague, Healther Nelson-Brantley, and Christian Sinclair. Taynara placed 2nd in the "Best Proster Presentation" category in group 9 at the KUMC Student Research Forum.

PhD student Letycia Nunez-Argote presented at the 2018 ASAHP Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, Fl. Her presentation was titled "Building Interprofessional Experiences for In-Person and Online Learners: the STRICE Simulation."

PhD student Gayle Brekke is part of the Project Oversight Groups of a Direct Primary Care research project being conducted by Milliman and funded by the Society of Actuaries. She has also drafted the Direct Primary Care section of a white paper that is being written by the Smarter Spending work group of the American Academy of Actuaries.

PhD student Joe Pacheco presented at the 2018 Heartland Conference on Health Equity and Patient Centered Care a poster entitled "Combating Breast Cancer in American Indians using a CBPR Approach." Additionally, Joe was the main author on a submitted publication which is under review to the Journal of Community Health.

PhD student Dorothy Hughes presented a poster "When Rural is no Longer Rural: Demand for Sub-Specialty Trained Surgeons Increases with Increasing Population of a Non-Metropolitan Area" at the Western Surgical Association Annual Meeting in November. Dorothy was also second author on "Rural Surgeons' Perspectives on Necessity of Post-Residency Training Largely Stable Across Generations" in the American Journal of Surgery, published February 2019.

PhD student Jonathan Hamdorf participated in a national Medicaid Webinar for Mostly Medicaid, and has presented at the Nebraska Health and Human Services Committee on Managed Long-Term Services and Supports in Medicaid (March 1), the Kansas Legislative Education and Research (KLEAR) on National Managed Care trends in Medicaid, and the Kansas Senate Public Health and Welfare of National Managed Care trends in Medicaid.

Last modified: Nov 09, 2020