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Completion Rates

MHSA Completion Rates

Completion Rates: Full-time Students

Admitted Fall 2017 (n=14)                 86% (12/14)1
Admitted Fall 2016 (n=9)                   89% (8/9)2
Admitted Fall 2015 (n=8)                   88% (7/8)3
1 one student transferred into MD/MHSA program, one relocated out of area
2 one student took out-of-area job
3 one student relocated out of area

Completion Rates: Part-time Students

Admitted Fall 2017 (n=2)                  TBD
Admitted Fall 2016 (n=2)                  TBD4
Admitted Fall 2015 (n=10)                 50%5
4 one student transferred into MD/MHSA program
5 two students relocated out of area, three students are still in progress

Last modified: Jan 24, 2020