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Shawn Frost, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Rehabilitation Medicine

Research Focus: Neuroplasticity in recovery of function after stroke. Preclinical models of brain and spinal cord injury.

Research Interests: Our laboratory studies neural plasticity in response to neurological injury and behavioral experience. We are interested in the underlying mechanisms of recovery that can be used in the development of therapeutic interventions in treatment of stroke and brain injury.  In a second project, we are currently developing an electronic aid to bridge the damaged spinal cord to connect the brain to spinal motor neurons below the level of injury.    

Selected Publications:

Frost S.B., Dunham CL, Barbay S, Krizsan-Agbas D, Winter MK, Guggenmos DJ, Nudo RJ. (2015) Output properties of the cortical hindlimb motor area in spinal cord-injured rats. J. Neurotrauma. In Press  

Shahdoost, S, S. Frost,  G. Van Acker, S. DeJong, C. Dunham, S. Barbay, R. Nudo, P. Mohseni (2014) Towards a Miniaturized Brain-Machine-Spinal Cord Interface (BMSI) for Restoration of Function after Spinal Cord Injury.  Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2014 Aug;2014:486-9. doi: 10.1109/EMBC.2014.6943634. PMID: 25570002   

Frost S.B., M. Iliakova, C. Dunham, S. Barbay, P. Arnold, R.J. Nudo (2013) Reliability in the Location of Hindlimb Motor Representations in Fischer-344 Rats. J Neurosurg Spine. 2013 May 31. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 23725395

Frost, S.B., S. Barbay, M.L. Mumert, A.M. Stowe, R.J. Nudo (2006) An Animal Model of Capsular Infarct: Endothelin-1 Injections in the Rat. Behav. Brain Res. May 15;169(2):206-11.  PMID: 16497394  

Nudo, R.J., S.B. Frost (2006) The evolution of motor cortex and motor systems, Chapter 14. In: Evolution of Nervous Systems: A Comparative Reference, Volume 4 - Evolution of Nervous System in Mammals. L.H. Krubitzer and J.H. Kaas (eds).  Elsevier, Oxford, UK.  

Frost, S.B., S. Barbay, K.M. Friel, E.J. Plautz, R.J. Nudo (2003) Reorganization of remote cortical regions after ischemic brain injury: a potential substrate for stroke recovery.  J Neurophysiol. 89(6):3205-14.  PMID: 12783955  

Nudo R.J., D. Larson , E.J. Plautz , K.M. Friel , S. Barbay, S.B. Frost  (2003) A squirrel monkey model of poststroke motor recovery. ILAR J. 44(2):161-74. Review.  PMID: 12652011  

Nudo, R.J., E.J. Plautz, S.B. Frost (2001) Role of adaptive plasticity in recovery of function after damage to motor cortex.  Muscle and Nerve 24:1000-1019.  PMID: 11439375   

Frost, S.B, G.W. Milliken, E.J. Plautz, R.B. Masterton, R.J. Nudo (2000) Somatosensory and motor representations in cerebral cortex of a primitive mammal (Monodelphis domestica): a window into the early evolution of sensorimotor cortex. . J. Comp. Neurol. 421:29-51.  PMID: 10813771                  

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Shawn Frost, PhD
Research Assistant Professor

P: 913-588-7394