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Analytical Core Laboratory

Welcome to KUMC's Analytical Core Laboratory (ACL).

The Analytical Core Laboratory (ACL) is a fee-based shared research resource provides KUMC researchers access to well-maintained advanced chromatographic and mass spectrometry instrumentation. The main analytical focus is the quantitative analysis of small molecules (drugs, drug metabololites, endogenous metabolites, xenobiotics and toxicants) and intact large molecules (biologics, intact proteins, and biopolymers like hyaluronan).


ACL News August - October 2017:

New services offered by the ACL 

As part of an effort to streamline our research support services, the ACL has developed three new standard assays that streamline efforts to quantify Bile Acids, acetaminophen (and acetaminophen metabolites) and endogenous amino-acids from select biological matricies. The ACL is keen to standardize the analysis of more "popular" analytes.

2017 Pricing Lists.

The ACL has updated its price lists for 2017-2018.

MS-Imaging Initiative

The ACL has purchased a Prosolia 2D DESI imaging stage for its Hybrid Q-ToF instrument (Waters Synapt HDMS mass spectrometer). The stage has been installed, tested and the ACL staff have been trained in its use. Between October 2017 and January 2018, the ACL will begin standardizing and documenting the procedures required to prepare tissue sections and cell-culture samples for direct analyss by this technique. The goal is to add basic MS-Imaging to the ACL's portfolio of services by Q1, 2018.

You can find out more about MS-Imaging by watching this video: April 5, 2016 MS-Imaging Seminar.


Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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