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Pediatrics Faculty Mentoring Program

Department of Pediatrics Mentoring Program

In 2007 and with assistance from the Professional Development and Faculty Affairs Office, the mentoring program in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Kansas Medical was the first formal mentoring program established in the School of Medicine. The overall goal of the Department of Pediatrics Mentoring Program is to first develop healthy, successful individuals, guiding them on career paths which follow their dreams and utilize their strongest assets. To that end, we strive to establish, develop, and facilitate positive, enduring, and mutually beneficial mentoring relationships, which allow mentees to plan, learn and grow, and which renew and reward mentors through the experience of encouraging, motivating, and inspiring others. In general, the purpose of the Department of Pediatrics Mentoring Program is to: 1) promote the development and advancement of faculty in the Department of Pediatrics through a program targeted at and tailored to the specific needs of junior faculty; 2) nurture and cultivate junior faculty to become the next generation of academic leaders; and 3) support the retention of our faculty through opportunities and the continuous building and expanding of professional skills.

Objectives of the Program

1. The Director will help all new faculty (or those who express interest) find a primary mentor, and possibly a secondary mentor.
            a. The Director will suggest the faculty will meet with their primary mentor quarterly to start, maybe less frequently after that.
            b. The Director will suggest the faculty who choose a secondary mentor will meet with that person every three to six months, maybe less frequently after that

2. The Director will focus on ensuring that the faculty's mentoring needs are being met.
3. The Director will review the "Domain Expectations" document from the SOM P&T committee with the faculty in the mentoring program every 6 months, to be sure they are advancing in the areas of teaching, service and research/scholarship as required for their faculty track.
4. The Director will introduce faculty to appropriate support resources on campus such as WIMS, Office of Faculty Development seminars, Office of Diversity and Inclusion offerings, KUMC SOM or CMH Book Club, etc.
5. The director will develop a list of resources (posted below) that can be a resource for mentor/mentee pairs around common topics such as work/life balance, handling a challenging colleague, etc.

Participation in the Mentoring Program

The Director of the Pediatrics Mentoring Program is Dr. Jyoti Panicker (913-588-6340, Please contact her at any time if you are interested in learning more or joining the mentoring program.

List of Resources for Mentoring

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020