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Garth R Fraga, MD


BA, Swarthmore College
MD, University of Chicago
AP/CP Residency, University of Kansas Medical Center, 1998
Dermatopathology Fellowship, University of Virginia, 2000

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Clinical Responsibilities:My daily work is focused on the histopathologic interpretation of skin biopsies form KU and local community dermatologists. I report approximately 4,000 skin biopsies from KU and another 8,000 from outside KU annually. 

Educational Responsibilities: I am responsible for the dermatopathology education of our dermatology residents and take great pride in their accomplishments. Their success is my top priority. I recently directed ASCP and CMEinfo courses in dermatopathology, and have authored several book chapters on dermatopathology. 


EGFR and MYC signal pattern within a complement of atypical basophilic cells in a keratoacanthoma. Scanning magnification demonstrates usual features of keratoacanthoma (A, H&E, X30). An offshoot of atypical basophilic cells in one slice (B, H&E, X160; circled area corresponds to FISH sample site) exhibited normal EGFR signal pattern (C, CEP7 green, EGFR red, X1000) and increased MYC copy number (D, CEP8 aqua, MYC red/green, X1000).


Research Interests: I am interested in cutaneous neoplasms (particularly keratoacanthoma and "dysplastic" nevus), diagnostic discordance, and use of metrics in improving diagnostic accuracy. Current projects include diagnostic concordance between dermatopathologists in the subtyping of basal-cell carcinomas, use of the "BAM" metric to reduce ambiguous diagnoses, and a comparison study between large-cell acanthoma and other keratinocyte neoplasms.  

Last modified: Jan 29, 2021


Garth R Fraga, MD