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Annual Events

KU School of Medicine Office of Students Affairs is proud to sponsor and support a variety of events which honor and recognize students along their medical school journey. These annual events spotlight students from their first year through graduation.

M1 Orientation

The School of Medicine kicks off the academic year with respective orientations for new and returning students. New students can expect to be welcomed to campus with introductions and presentations from the administration and faculty that will support them throughout their journey from White Coat Ceremony to Commencement.

Summer Research Training Program

The School of Medicine provides a hands-on experience in research by having students participate in an ongoing research project. The work starts with a review of the literature and ends with written and oral presentations of their research findings at the Student Research Forum.

White Coat Ceremony

The School of Medicine recognizes first-year students' entrance into the medical profession at the White Coat Ceremony. The ceremony was implemented to foster a culture among students and faculty that honors the ideals of medical professionalism: maintenance of patient interest above physician self-interest, altruism, accountability, excellence, duty and service, honor and integrity, and respect for others.

Student Recognition Ceremony

The School of Medicine faculty and staff recognize students for service and professionalism, leadership, scholarly endeavors and academic achievements at the Student Recognition Ceremony.

A Grand Affair

A Grand Affair is the premier event uniting medical students, faculty, alumni, community and friends in celebration of medical education at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. The event begins with a cocktail hour followed by dinner, an awards ceremony and dancing. A Grand Affair is highly anticipated by all members of the School of Medicine and is made possible by the generous sponsorship and donations of various departments within the school. A Grand Affair shines a spotlight on the outstanding mentoring and teaching in the School of Medicine, and the evening is highlighted by the presentation of Student Voice Awards.

Match Day

A rite of passage for graduating medical students, Match Day is when they learn where they have matched for their residencies. Matches are made by the nonprofit National Resident Matching Program using an algorithm to pair applicants to residency programs across the country. Our students are given the opportunity to announce their residencies to an audience of their peers and families in an exciting ceremony held on campus.

Senior Banquet

The University of Kansas School of Medicine faculty and staff honors graduating students for high standards of character and academic achievement through a variety of awards and prizes.

Hooding and Awards Ceremony

The University of Kansas School of Medicine formally acknowledges, presents and hoods its graduating students. 

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