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Pride in The Profession Award

Pride in the Profession Award

The Pride in the Profession Award was established in honor of Dean Deborah Powell, M.D. who served as Executive Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs from 1997-2002. During her tenure, Dean Powell instituted programs of professionalism for students and faculty. She established the White Coat Ceremony to symbolize the students' entry into the medical profession and supported the establishment of the Academic Societies as part of her vision of the mentoring of students by practicing physicians. She continues to work with students and serves as an inspiration to future generations of students. The Pride in the Profession Award is presented annually to the senior medical student who most appropriately characterizes the qualities of professionalism in medicine envisioned by Dean Powell during her tenure at KUMC. The recipient receives a plaque, a $500 award, and their name is added to a master plaque displayed in the School of Medicine.

Pride in the Profession Recipients

2018- Tawana Marie Coates, MD 
2017- Sarah Carlson, MD
2016- Jeffrey Ogar, MD
2015 - Matthew Blue, MD
2014- Lucinda Gruber, MD
2013- Laddy Maisonet, MD
2012- Sheldon Leslie, MD
2011- Courtney Huhn, MD
2010- Patrick Stiles, MD
2009- David Biller, MD
2008- Blair Thedinger, MD
2007- Kurt McCullough, MD
2006- Mayra Sanchez, MD
2005- Jennifer Scott-Koontz, MD
2004- Matthew Weiss, MD

Last modified: Nov 10, 2018