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Alpha Omega Alpha


Alpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society in the world. National Alpha Omega Alpha was established in 1902 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Chicago, the Kansas Alpha Chapter received its charter in 1931. Its raison d' etre can be expressed in a phrase: to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession. As stated in the society's constitution, "Alpha Omega Alpha is organized for educational purposes exclusively and not for profit, and its aims shall be the promotion of scholarship and research in medical schools, the encouragement of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and recognition of high attainment in medical science, practice and related fields."

To fulfill the role it has set for itself, Alpha Omega Alpha elects outstanding medical students, graduates, alumni and honorary members to its ranks and offers its membership important national programs like: Alpha Omega Alpha Visiting Professorships, a quarterly journal, The Pharos, Student Research Fellowships, and two Distinguished Teaching Awards and Volunteer Faculty Awards in collaboration with the Association of American Medical Colleges. In addition to national programs, the Kansas Alpha Chapter produces the KUMC Clinical Student Orientation Manual, the Alpha Omega Alpha Student Mentorship Guide and participates in various community service projects.  

Election to Alpha Omega Alpha is a distinction that accompanies a physician throughout his or her career. Members can be elected as students, residents, alumni or faculty of an affiliated institution, or by virtue of distinguished achievement in any field related to medicine, on a honorary basis.

AOA is dedicated to the recognition and promotion of academic excellence at this and other medical schools throughout the United States. Eligibility is a testament to the hard work and perseverance displayed thus far in your medical career. Scholastic excellence is a key criterion, but not the only one considered for election. Capacity for leadership, compassion and fairness in dealing with one's colleagues are also to be considered.

Elections in the first four categories are carried out by the individual chapters. The Alpha Chapter at the University of Kansas has one election in which fourth year medical students, faculty, alumni, and residents may be selected for Alpha Omega Alpha.  As noted above, opportunities exist for later election to the society of those not selected as undergraduates.

  • Administrative Coordinator - Valerie Poulson
  • Faculty Councilor -Bradley Barth, MD

Last modified: Sep 24, 2020