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M1 Summer Elective Information

Class of 2023 only

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have been approved for your summer elective experience by March 6th so that enrollment and financial aid (if applicable) are completed in a timely manner. Enrollment will occur when the program you have applied to and been approved for notifies the Office of Student Affairs. 

To be enrolled in a summer program, you must be in good academic standing.  

Elective credit will be accrued at the rate of two credits for four weeks or four credits for eight weeks. The maximum number of elective credits hours you can obtain over the summer between your first and second year of medical school is four.

 Financial Aid is available for students who are enrolled for the summer 2020 session. 

Summer Elective Opportunities Information (presented at December 5th Summer Electives session)

For information on specific Wichita summer elective opportunities in Family Medicine, contact Dr. Lynn Fisher at and Dr. Tessa Rohrberg at or at 316-293-2607.

Last modified: Jan 22, 2021