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Hand & Upper Extremity Orthopedic Specialists

Hand and upper extremity treatment at KU Medical Center consists of fellowship trained and board-certified orthopedists dedicated to the care of hand and upper extremity conditions.  This includes reconstructive procedures such as joint replacements in the shoulder and elbow.  It also includes microsurgical care and nerve reconstructions.  Recovery of both non-surgical treatment and post-surgery patients is greatly enhanced by the expert and experienced hand therapists at KU Medical Center.  Our hand therapists hold advanced certifications and have many years of treating the wide variety of hand conditions from the most common to the most complex.

Patients are seen in the clinic in the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine building on Olathe Blvd. at the KU Medical Center campus in Kansas City, KS. 

Appointments may be made with Jacob W. Brubacher,MD, Tyler Fox, MD, Mitchell Birt, MD or E. Bruce Toby, MD, by calling 913-588-6100.

Jacob W. Brubacher, M.D.                           Assistant Professor                    

Tyler Fox, M.D.            Assistant Professor

E. Bruce Toby, M.D.    Professor and Department Chair  

Mitchell C.Birt, MD    Assistant Professor   

Last modified: Aug 24, 2020