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Ophthalmology Residency Program Overview

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The University of Kansas Medical Center's Ophthalmology Residency is a four-year ACGME-accredited program designed to provide a well-rounded, intellectually stimulating education in comprehensive ophthalmology, plus the opportunity to gain experience in all sub-specialty areas, beginning with a joint internship with Internal Medicine and followed by three years of ophthalmology. We have a rich and proven history, having proudly graduated 169 outstanding ophthalmologists since the program began in 1946. Our most recent graduates are pictured below with Chairman Dr. John Sutphin and Program Director Dr. Anne Wishna (left to right: Drs. John Sutphin, Connor Brass, Travis Kimple, Christopher Stefonowicz and Anne Wishna).

Senior residents with Sutphin and Wishna

"Educating tomorrow's generation ~ Caring for today's" - is more than our motto: it genuinely reflects our motivation to build up the number and caliber of new ophthalmologists to care for the vision needs of all, especially the growing elderly population. At the University of Kansas Eye Center, we offer a top-notch education in an environment of encouragement and friendliness. Not just skilled teachers, our faculty truly enjoys working with and mentoring our future ophthalmologists. We welcome like-minded applicants to join our close-knit, value-driven and dedicated University of Kansas Eye Center Team.

group photo of residents

Ensuring Success - residents receive regular objective evaluations of their performance by faculty. The Program Director meets with each resident semi-annually to review their progress. Each spring, residents measure their acquisition of basic and clinical science knowledge in the annual Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program (OKAP) examination, a test presented and managed by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

We are very happy you came to visit us and hope you take a moment to explore more about our program!

Anne Wishna, MD, Assistant Professor
Residency Program Director

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Last modified: Jun 25, 2021
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Program Director:
Anne Wishna, MD

Associate Program Directors:
W. Abraham White, MD, Site Director, KCVA Rotation &
Thomas J. Whittaker, MD, JD

Program Coordinator:
Audrey Morrison, Phone: 913-588-6660

Chief Resident:
Travis Kimple, MD

Ophthalmology Faculty