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Hosting Medical Students

Accredited with the Liaison Committee for Medical Education, we continue to provide a superb educational experience for our medical students. See the criteria for hosting medical students.

KU School of Medicine maintains an excellent reputation for both rural medicine and primary care. We are proud of our accreditation with the Liaison Committee for Medical Education.

To continue to provide a superb educational experience for our medical students, the following criteria must be met before hosting medical students.

Preceptor Checklist

  • Contact our office at 913-588-8221 to schedule a site visit from one of our Rural Medical Education Network directors or administrators.
  • Each volunteer faculty preceptor needs to provide basic professional information to the Office of Rural Medical Education and Faculty Affairs. This information will be used to establish a volunteer faculty appointment (needed prior to hosting a student). Each applicant is vetted carefully to assure students are placed in a quality educational environment. All information is held securely and never distributed to outside agencies or individuals. Required information:
    • Full name
    • Updated CV
    • Home address
    • Professional email address
  • Housing for students is expected to be provided by the host site or community. Students are not able and/or expected to maintain two households while on a rural rotation.
  • Student meals are not expected to be provided, however, many places allow students to eat in the hospital cafeteria for free or at a reduced rate.
  • Students are expected to have a secure sign-on for the electronic medical record. Adherence to CMS regulations for student use is the obligation of the host site.
  • An affiliation agreement between the School of Medicine and the hosting hospital must be signed by the hospital CEO and executive dean of KU School of Medicine. Our legal department can help finalize the agreement.

Expectations as a Preceptor

  • Required to grade students at middle and end of rotation.
  • Students are not to function only as a "shadow," but can practice skills
  • Coordinate dates of availability with the School of Medicine
  • Provide practice information to aide in student placements
  • Complete training for student protections
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