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Photo of Rural Community

Rural Community

The Office of Rural Medical Education is first and foremost concerned with nurturing students throughout their curriculum with educational opportunities in rural Kansas. Our mission is to give students a comprehensive understanding of what practicing rewarding, high quality health care in rural Kansan is like by fostering educational experiences in rural settings. The Office of Rural Medical Education focuses attention on the challenges the current physician workforce faces in rural locations.

Partnering with health care systems and local leaders in rural towns shows students a level of engagement not commonly seen in urban settings. Rural communities care deeply about each other due to the small town culture and medical students with "rural roots" value these ideals. Offering students a chance to complete a portion of their medical education in familiar rural settings reinforces their desire to return home to practice.

Currently, we have 211 volunteer faculty preceptors in 75 rural practice sites. The majority of students, 91 percent, went to towns with a population of less than 25,000 and 34 percent of students were in towns of less than 5,000. Students consistently report that their rural experience is one of the most valuable of their medical education.

We are expanding.

In the last 10 years, new and renewed rural programs have dramatically increased opportunities for students. For more information, please visit Rural Medical Education Opportunities for Students.


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Last modified: Dec 03, 2018