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Willed Body Program

About the program

The State of Kansas, as have many other states, has adopted what is known as the “Uniform Anatomical Gift Act”. This legislative action sets forth the legal guidelines whereby The University of Kansas School of Medicine may obtain the remains of those individuals interested in contributing to the advancement of medicine.  Our Willed Body Program is vital to the education and research that will ensure continued quality health care for future generations. We rely strictly upon the unselfish wishes of donors and their families.

What kind of studies will be performed with my remains?

The University of Kansas is responsible for training the next generation of physicians and Allied Health Care professionals. Part of this education involves the teaching of human structure and functions. Donors to our program become the young medical students’ first patients. In an atmosphere of respect and appreciation, students learn the many thousand intricacies that make the human body function. They also learn that each patient is different and that each new patient will, in turn, teach them for the remainder of their careers. The Program also supports research and training in various surgical departments. Many patients at our Medical Center have benefited from procedures that would have been impossible to develop without the noble contributions of our donors. We participate in a loan program with other medical schools. Should our Program fail to fulfill our needs, other medical schools provide human remains from their donor pools. Conversely, should our donations surpass our needs, we assist other accredited schools. The loan program does not affect any other provisions of the Willed Body Program; all donations are used strictly for professional health science education and research. All donations loaned to other institutions are returned to our school for cremation or in the form of cremains.

Last modified: Jul 22, 2021
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