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Minimum Technology Recommendations

The University of Kansas, School of Medicine (KUSoM) uses a technology-rich curriculum. The following recommendations are made with student success in mind.


The School of Medicine supports either Windows or Mac computers but does not recommend using a tablet, netbook, Chromebook, iPad, or phone as a primary computing device. Surface tablets are acceptable devices to use during medical school. (Surface Pro X can be used with modifications to S mode). Although iPads and similar Android devices have been used successfully by some students for day-to-day use, you will NOT be able to test and utilize ExamSoft if you have an Android tablet, Chromebook, netbook, or iPad. 

Please note that, aside from these requirements and recommendations, your choice of laptop is an individual matter, and should be made at your discretion. Please be aware that regardless of whether you choose a Macintosh or Windows PC, sometimes there will be minor compatibility issues if your professors or classmates are using a different platform. The School of Medicine strives to be as platform-neutral as possible in its selection of technologies for medical student education, but certain software may not be available on different devices.

First and second-year students in the School of Medicine are eligible for a one-time financial aid budget adjustment to cover the purchase of a computer. Contact the financial aid office for more information on the Computer Purchase/Electronic Purchase program.

Discounts on computer purchases are available from the KU Bookstore Tech Shop


Recommended Requirements

Screen Size

13” (or larger) with 1024 x 768 resolution (or higher)


Intel i5 (or better) or M1 CPU (for Mac)


8GB (minimum)

16GB+ (recommended)

Hard Drive

256GB (minimum)

300GB or larger (recommended)


1 GB

Operating System

Windows 10 (minimum)

Windows 11 (recommended)

Mac OS 14 (Sonoma) or above

Wireless Adapter

Intel 802.11ac (minimum)

Intel 802.11ax (recommended)


3-year AppleCare (recommended)

4-year hardware warranty (recommended for PC)


Integrated Webcam & Microphone (recommended)

Home Internet Access

Download: 7Mbps (minimum)

Download: 20+Mbps (recommended)

Upload: 3+Mbps


Much of the software required is available free of charge for students in myKUMC, the institutional portal. Note that Windows upgrades are available free of charge as well.

Type Software Availability
Productivity Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft 365
Class Participation
Poll Everywhere Fee assessed (downloaded during Orientation)
Anti-virus Windows Defender for MS Windows; ClamXav for MacOS Free from Microsoft; Cost (~$30.00)
Anti-Malware MalwareBytes MalwareBytes site. Free version cleans, but does not pre-emptively block
Web Browsers Edge, Chrome, or Firefox Some web applications run better with certain web browsers. Please make sure to install FirefoxChrome is optional.
Media Player Windows Media Player; VLC Media Player, free from Microsoft
VLC media player
PDF Reader Adobe Reader Adobe
Optional Software Software Availability
Digital Pathology

ImageScope (Windows only)*



Choose the best application for you, but some options**:

Free, Leica Website (PC only)

Free, QuPath (Mac and PC) QuPath Tutorial

Free, OpenSlide (Mac and PC)

*ImageScope is currently the only supported viewer at KUMC 

**Utilizing a digital pathology viewer is optional, students will be provided with still images

CT Image Viewer Mac*
OsirixLite (Mac)

Free, Santesoft Lite  (instructions, access to images in July, requires login)

*Utilizing a DICOM viewer is optional, students will be provided with still images

CT Image Viewer PC*
SanteSoft DICOM viewer (PC) Free, myKUMC (instructions, access to images in July, requires login)

*Utilizing a DICOM viewer is optional, students will be provided with still images


Students can receive assistance for their basic computing issues related to their academic work from the Customer Support, available in G110 of the Delp building. The Clinics offer:

  • Advice and consultation sessions about any IT issue you're having
  • Setting up email/calendars on your mobile device
  • Wi-Fi setup and troubleshooting
  • Installation of Microsoft 365 and KUMC sanctions software

In addition, you can contact Aziah McNamara with questions related to technology.

Student Responsibilities

Students will be responsible for having a working device that meets the minimum requirements. Our curriculum incorporates the following tasks:

  • Accessing and downloading course files (documents, presentations, videos, etc.)
  • Uploading collaborative assignment files (documents, presentations, videos, etc.)
  • Taking Quizzes and Exams
  • Participating in remote/online educational activities
  • Accessing resources through different browsers
  • Taking notes/annotating resources
  • Presenting student-created files/media through AirMedia. Our lecture halls and classrooms are equipped with Windows PCs for use by presenters

It is the student's responsibility to maintain a backup of all work. We strongly suggest utilizing the 1TB of free storage available through OneDrive via Microsoft 365.

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