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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to have installed on my laptop before coming to campus?

Before you arrive at KUMC for Orientation Week, you will need to go through the Technology Checklist. This checklist will tell you what you need to install before starting classes and provides help for each item on the list. You will also need to have the Duo Mobile App installed in order to access many of the resources from off campus.

How do I get Microsoft Office as a KUMC student?

All KUMC students have a license to Microsoft Office 365. To access your account, go to and select Office 365 in Quick Links (on the right). Login with your KUMC credentials. You may immediately use the web app versions of Office Online at the bottom of the landing page on any Internet enabled device. If you wish to install Office 2016 on a compatible device, click the install link for your personal device (located under "Install Office on more devices"). You are licensed to install Office 2016 on up to five devices. You will need to have Duo Mobile (for Multi-Factor Authentication) installed in order to access O365 off-campus.

If you run into any problem, contact the Help Desk

Are there training videos for SOM Technologies?

Yes! See the Guides and Tutorials section of the Medical Education Technology website. There are videos and tutorials that will help you.

Who do I contact if I have questions about technology issues?

You should contact the Help Desk if you are having issues with:

  • Duo Mobile

  • Office 365
  • Network connectivity

  • General computer issues

Do I need to buy an external hard drive?

Your hard disk space should add up to 256GB/1 TB, so we strongly encourage students to utilize their 1TB space in OneDrive for Business. You can also schedule a consultation with our Help Desk to discuss back up strategies. If you would like to purchase an external hard drive, you may do so at your discretion.

I have questions about, or issues with my Poll Everywhere account. Who do I contact?

All Poll Everywhere account questions should be directed to TLT (Teaching and Learning Technologies).

The liaison for KU-SoM is Doug Adams.

Are there mobile applications that the Office of Medical Education Technology recommends?

The Office of Medical Education Technology does maintain a Mobile Apps for KUMC Subject Guide of recommended and featured mobile applications. 

How do I access Learning Space using VPN?

The Neis Clinical Skills Lab has instructions on how to access Learning Space via VPN: A Users Guide to LearningSpace

Last modified: Jan 29, 2021
Need some help?

Christina Magnifico is the Program Director for Medical Education Technology. Keiran Beadnell is the M1 Medical Education Technologist, and Nick Edwards is the M2 Medical Education Technologist for the Office of Medical Education. Their office is at 3045 Robinson.

Search the ServiceNow knowledge base or open an online ticket. You may also call the Jayhawk Tech Clinics at 913-945-9999, option 2.

Wichita students should contact the Wichita Help Desk at 316-293-2605 or email Wichita IT