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Medical Education Retreat

MedEd Retreat 2020

Retreat Agenda

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Workshop Agenda

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Med Ed Journals: An annotated list

Workshop summary handout: Writing Successful Abstracts with Considerations of Quality

Poster Session featuring Education Innovation Projects from recipients of the Medical Alumni Innovative Teaching Fund and the Academy of Medical Education Mentored Innovation Award and a Medical Education Scholarship Project from first year medical students. Please join our live discussion at 11 a.m. on Friday, October 23rd. Contact Teresa Beacham for Zoom information.

Birch J, Dorsch J, Owings S, Johnston J.- Incorporating Essential Geriatrics Skills Into a Family Medicine Clerkship [Video Presentation]

Franco B, Johnston V, Kebret L, Kirkpatrick L, Teal C- A Pre-Matriculation program in the time of COVID-19 - a case study on virtual learning community formation as a metric of success [Video Presentation]

Krause M, Johnston S, Doolittle G- Introduction of High Value Care in Preclinical Years in PBL [Video Presentation]

LeMaster J, Fitzgibbons P.- Promoting cultural and structural competence- Impact of an undergraduate medical education program "The Neighborhood Table" [Video Presentation]

Newman J, Miller N, Parashar S, Wick J, Luther VP- Online Infectious Diseases Subspecialty Curriculum: Closing the Education Gap [Video Presentation]

Rongish B, Enders G, DiPasco P, Keim S, Hurkman R, Deneke A, Berbel G- Innovative Approaches to Teaching Human Gross Anatomy [Video Presentation]

Schwasinger-Schmidt- Using Hybrid Simulation to Evaluate Clinical Competency in Neurology: Evaluating Medical Student Technical Skills, Medical Decision Making, and Management of Neurological Disease [Video Presentation]

Zwhalen D, Kalendar-Rich J- Sense-less matters: an exercise exploring sensory deprivation in adults for medical students [Audio Presentation]

Last modified: Oct 23, 2020