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Phase II Curriculum: Year Three

In year three, students take required clerkships in core clinical disciplines: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infant Child Adolescent Health, and Surgery. Also in year 3, students take Issues in Clinical Medicine. During year four, students complete additional required clerkships and courses (Rural Preceptorship, Critical Care, Health of the Public, Subinternship) and electives. Credit hours for required courses, clerkships, and electives are listed below.

Clinical Component, Kansas City and Salina Campus (KC/S), Wichita Campus (W)

Student clerkship experiences take place in the hospital and clinic settings. Clerkships may take place in the University of Kansas Hospital and clinics or in affiliated hospitals and clinics, depending on departmental arrangements. Clerkships include rotation on the teaching services, teaching rounds, departmental case conferences, and weekly Grand Rounds.

Kansas City / Salina

  • FAPR 955 Family Medicine Clerkship
  • GYNO 900 Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship
  • Med 900 Internal Medicine Clerkship
  • NEUR 900 Neurology Clerkship
  • PED 900 Pediatrics Clerkship
  • PYCH 900 Psychiatry Clerkship
  • SURG 900 Junior Surgery Clerkship
  • ICM 900 Issues in Clinical Medicine


  • FCMD 950 Family Medicine Clerkship
  • INMD 975 Internal Medicine Clerkship
  • NROL 950 Neurology Clerkship
  • OBGN 975 Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship
  • PDRC 975 Pediatrics Clerkship
  • PSCR 975 Psychiatry Clerkship
  • SGRY 975 Junior Surgery Clerkship
  • ICM 975 Issues in Clinical Medicine

Course and Clerkship Director(s)

Kansas City Clerkships

Clerkship - Kansas City Campus Clerkship Administrator Clerkship Director(s)
Family Medicine Katherine Briseno
Kristen Estrada
Drs.Laurel Witt, Wendi Born, Kate Rampon
Internal Medicine Lisa Tandberg
Drs. Jennifer Fink, Jessica Newman, Gary Doolittle, Michael Rouse
Neurology Paula Mengel
Drs. Yunxia Wang and Brenton Massey
Ob/Gyn Adam Bradley
Drs. Laura Parks and Rachel DiTeresi
Psychiatry Charlotte Iannaci
Drs. Shilpa Sachdeva, William Gabrielli
Pediatrics Patricia Cook
Drs. Lore Nelson, Grace Brouillette
Surgery James Soulikias 913-588-7323
Laurie Wood
Drs. German Berbel, Lyndsey Kilgore, Christa Balanoff
Issues in Clinical Medicine   Drs. Carla Keirns and Mark Meyer

Salina Clerkships

Clerkship - Salina Campus Clerkship Administrator Clerkship Director(s)
Family Medicine Mary Vernon
Drs. M. Chantel Long and Sara Johnston
Internal Medicine Mary Vernon
Drs. Henry Reed, Jon Richards, Brian Pavey, and Jacob Hodges
Neurology Mary Vernon
Dr. Trent Davis
Ob/Gyn Mary Vernon

Drs. Chris Graber and Leslie Ablard

Psychiatry Mary Vernon
Drs. Ralph Bahrati and Alisha Coulson
Pediatrics Mary Vernon
Dr. Julianne Schwerdtfager
Surgery Mary Vernon
Drs. Chris Rupe, Mike Johnson, and Ryan Payne
Issues In Clinical Medicine Mary Vernon
Dr. C. Scott Owings

Wichita Clerkships

Clerkship - Wichita Campus Clerkship Administrator Director(s)
Family Medicine Mary Hursey
Drs. Rick Kellerman, Tessa Rohrberg, Lynn Fisher
Internal Medicine Jaime Schadegg
Dr. A. Sean Jahansooz
Neurology Jaime Schadegg
Dr. Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt
Ob/Gyn Laurie Fluty
Drs. Laura Tatpati and David Grainger
Psychiatry Ronda Magness
Dr. Cheryl Wehler
Pediatrics Donnita Pelser
Drs. Mark Harrison and Alisa Bridge

Jennifer Bishop

Dr. Therese Cusick
Issues in Clinical Medicine Ally Turner 316-293-3594 Dr. Garold Minns
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