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ACE Phase I Curriculum, Years One and Two

The ACE Curriculum (Active-learning, Competency-based, Excellence-driven) consists of an integrated block structure based on organ systems that systematically introduces foundational and clinical content across the four years.  With the exception of the Introduction to Doctoring block, each block is nine weeks in length with the ninth week used for assessment, remediation and enrichment activities.  Introduction to Doctoring is a three-week block focusing on history and physical exams skills, as well as aspects of evidenced-based medicine and social determinants of health.
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Year 1
ACED 800  Introduction to Doctoring, 3 weeks
Director: Kimberly Richardson, MD

ACED 805  Molecular and Cellular Medicine, 9 weeks
Director: Joe Fontes, PhD

ACED 810  Infection, Blood and Immunity, 9 weeks
Director: Wolfram Zückert, PhD

ACED  815  Respiration and Circulation, 9 weeks
Director: Brenda Rongish, PhD 

ACED 820  Gastrointestinal and Renal, 9 weeks
Directors: Beth Levant, PhD

Year 2
ACED 825  Muscles and Movement, 9 weeks
Director: Sarah Keim, PhD

ACED 830  Brain, Mind and Behavior, 8 weeks
Director: Dianne Durham, PhD

ACED 830 Reproduction, Sexuality and Development, 10 weeks
Director: Michael Wolfe, PhD and Faith Butler, MD

ACED 840  Medicine Capstone, 8 weeks
Directors: David Naylor, MD and Belinda Vail, MD

Last modified: Apr 09, 2021