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Organization and Structure

New members are accepted into the Academy in one of three categories of membership:  regular membership, emeritus membership, and associate membership. For more information about each membership category, click here.

During the annual fall meeting of the Academy, officers may be nominated and elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Academy. Officer positions include the Chair, Vice-Chair, immediate Past Chair, and one member selected as a representative for each of the four respective standing committees.

Standing Committees of the Academy of Medical Educators

Members of the Executive Committee are responsible for appointment  Academy members to each of the four standing committees:

Membership Committee: (Mark Harrison, MD- Chair)

The Membership Committee meets at least once annually to review all new candidate applications for the Academy and to review and advise on current members' renewal. The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the members of the Academy, which is ultimately responsible for making membership decisions by vote.

Faculty Development, Mentoring and Education Programs Committee (Brad Barth, MD- Chair)

Collaborating with the Office of Professional Development and the Office of Medical Education, the Faculty Development and Mentoring Committee is responsible for development of programs to address the needs of teaching faculty while promoting the value of teaching.  These programs include peer mentoring, workshops to meet the needs of teaching faculty, and programs to recognize outstanding teaching faculty. In addition, this committee is responsible for overseeing educational and advocacy activities of the Academy. This committee meets at least quarterly and makes recommendations for new programs to the Executive Committee.

Scholarship and Research Committee (Joseph LeMaster, MD, PhD- Chair; Buddy Poje, PhD- Vice Chair)

The Scholarship and Research Committee meets quarterly to develop and oversee programs supporting scholarship and research in medical education. This committee is responsible for communicating opportunities and innovations in the field of medical education, sponsoring research forums and facilitating research collaborations among faculty.

Last modified: Nov 19, 2019
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