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Enrichment Week

Enrichment Weeks are sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and give medical students the opportunity to immerse themselves into diversity education.

Medical Spanish Immersion Enrichment Week

The Medical Spanish Immersion Enrichment Week provides students with an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a bilingual, cross-cultural care setting by spending time at community clinics serving primarily Spanish-speaking families.

Students will increase their knowledge of medical Spanish while speaking Spanish with patients and families but with the “communication safety net” of an interpreter if/when needed. More specifically, students will:

  1. Participate in patient care visits in order to develop clinical and language skills:
  2. Identify questions about health practices and beliefs that might be important in a specific local community
  3. Use Spanish to participate in medical encounters with the assistance of an interpreter when needed
  4. Students at the appropriate level will be referred to complete Bilingual certification at KUMED
  5. Describe the functions of an interpreter, identify when an interpreter is needed and collaborate with an interpreter effectively

Students with moderate Spanish proficiency, as well as heritage speakers, are encouraged to apply.

Racism In Medicine Enrichment Week

The Racism in Medicine Enrichment Week gives students an opportunity to gain an appreciation of the impact of racism on American medicine and the structure of US healthcare.

In collaboration with several departments at KUMC, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion participates in the development and implementation of this enrichment opportunity which includes reading discussions, community panels, clinical cases analysis, and a photovoice project.

More specifically, the racism in medicine week provides students an opportunity to:

  1. Explore, learn, and acquire the professional language and theoretical framework needed to discuss structural racism in medicine
  2. Understand the historical origins of the use of racial categories in medical science and clinical practice
  3. Critically analyze the connections between health disparities and structural racism

Stay up-to-date with our website and social media for updates on when Enrichment Week events are happening!

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