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Medical Spanish

IDSP 910 Medical Spanish (2). 

This is an entry level Medical Spanish course for students with minimal or no Spanish language education. Students will develop working language skills, learning techniques for optimal communication, phonetics, morphology, grammar, understanding sentence structure, conjugation and cultural aspects applicable to the current health care environment. The goal is to achieve proficiency and confidence when using the Spanish language with Hispanic patients. Prerequisites: Minimal to no knowledge of Spanish language and approval from the Dean for Student Affairs.

IDSP 911 Intermediate Medical Spanish (2).
Modular course that will offer students hands-on ability and integration of the Spanish medical language needed to properly interact with Spanish speaking patients. This course offers expanded knowledge and language utilization with real case scenarios, dialogues and role plays, with models of realistic clinical situations using key vocabulary and grammatical language structure that doctors and other medical professionals will need for expected clinic intervention with Hispanic patients. Cultural notes are included to equip students with practical insight into cultural behaviors, patterns and other pertinent medical treatment beliefs of Hispanics in the United States. Students with some knowledge of Spanish and prior IDSP 910 Medical Spanish can enroll at the intermediate level to continue developing and show progression of their communication skill by reinforcing essential grammar points and comprehension of medical topics in Spanish. This course will also offer the opportunity to improve aural and oral proficiency as students resolve Latino specific sample situation or case scenarios in Spanish similar to possible encounters in their work as health care professionals.

IDSP 912 Spanish for Health Care Workers (4).
OBJECTIVES: The general goals of the instructional program are to provide, within one month, a functional command of the language for basic interaction between health care providers and recipients. The following objectives will be emphasized in order to meet the goals of the program. Students will: 1. Develop and/or improve oral communication skills with emphasis on General American Spanish. 2. Demonstrate the basic phonology and fundamentals of syntax of the language. 3. Practice use of the most commonly used verbs in present and past tenses. 4. Accumulate a specialized vocabulary appropriate to most health care situations. 5. Sustain a limited conversation about appropriate topics with some degree of fluency and comfort. 6. Develop an appreciation and understanding of cultural differences within Hispanic cultures and backgrounds. 7. Demonstrate basic Spanish language skills by taking a history in Spanish from Spanish speaking real or simulated patient. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor required; one year Spanish language coursework or the equivalent recommended.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018