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Kimberly Vandegeest-Wallace, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Doctorate: University of Missouri-Kansas City
Fellowship: University of Wyoming

As an undergraduate, I graduated with honors from the University of Iowa with a bachelor of arts in psychology, with an emphasis in child development. I continued my education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where I received my Ph.D. in counseling psychology, followed-up by my post-doctoral fellowship training at the University of Wyoming. After completing my post-doctoral training, I opted to pursue the education and training necessary to become a proficient sex therapist.

As a sex therapist I treat a number of different presenting concerns such as pain with intercourse, trauma, sexual anxiety, low libido, loss of erections, gender identity and LGBTQIA concerns. When engaging in sexual and gender healing and repair I am very focused on regarding the client and his/her/their needs because it is my belief that disregard is a core of all abuse and trauma.

In addition to the role I play as a sex therapist, I also specialize in reproductive mental health concerns. As such, I see folks who are facing infertility, pregnancy loss, and reproductive trauma. I believe in the strength of the human spirit to heal itself. I work toward supporting folks to navigate their healing process in whatever way they see fit. I experience the therapist/client relationship as being a partnership in which the client takes the lead. When someone has been incredibly powerless in their pursuit to create a family, I have no intention to minimize their voice when they are in my office. Instead, I am focused on hearing and empowering the individual as frequently and authentically as possible.

In my free time, enjoy spending time with my family. I love to cook, garden, listen to live music, ride my bike and socialize with friends.

Last modified: Feb 10, 2020

Kimberly Vandegeest-Wallace, Ph.D.


Kimberly Vandegeest-Wallace, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

P: 913-588-6200