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Resident Wellness

Resident Wellness

With the demands of this specialty and the demands of a resident in this environment, the residents have created an OB/GYN program wellness committee. Select residents also work with the wellness committee of our Graduate Medical Education (GME) office to implement a variety of concepts and activities to address the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of each resident in the program. The goal of this partnership is to create and develop strong, competent, and caring physicians. The resident program wellness committee plans activities throughout the year and include

  • Attending vs.Resident annual kickball game
  • Resident class mentor/mentee events, including work out classes, cooking, happy hour, and dinners
  • Annual resident retreat
  • Annual holiday party
  • Senior and Junior pairs--offer support, check in during new rotations
  • Narrative Medicine sessions
  • ACOG/CREOG National Wellness Week- daily focuses on yoga, fitness class, residency appreciation cards, lunch and juices
  • Desk bikes, happy lights, fitness balls, and on-site chair massages
  • Kirmayer Fitness Center membership, counseling services, and educational services
  • Participate in local 5K races
  • Spend time outdoors as a group hiking trails and parks around the Kansas City area
  • Facility-wide wellness talks and events
  • Regional wellness events such as sports games tickets

More information on Wellness may be found at our office of Graduate Medical Education (GME).

Last modified: Aug 28, 2019