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Program Overview


  • Patient care starts on day 1 of residency.
  • Allison Blevins daVinci Module Annual resident retreat.  The faculty cover the hospital for 20 hours while residents participate in team building and social activities.
  • Two Ambulatory Clinic months, focusing on outpatient clinical management, aspects of business of medicine, and a recently added patient safety week.
  • One month of Ultrasound training in the Center for Advanced Fetal Care.
  • Participation in the care of women through Center for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health. This multi-disciplinary clinic houses a AAGL trained minimally invasive surgeon, a vulvar medicine specialist, a certified sex therapist and sex educator, and physical therapists that specialize in pelvic therapy.
  • A faculty nocturnist supervises night call. Our version of a night hospitalist, they are committed to education and supervision because they have no day commitments.
  • Residents have a structured laparosopic and robotic curriculum and complete FLS training.
  • Residents experience ample opportunities to be primary surgeon and sit at the console.
  • Dedicated resident research supervisor to assist in all steps of research.



  • Gynecology Inpatient team consists of residents of varying levels, medical students and a gynecology staff of the week
  • Daily rounding with discussion of service patients and medical topics
  • Covers all surgical cases and Emergency Room and inpatient floor consults
  • Weekly case conference to discuss surgical planning for upcoming cases

Meredith Griffin Rachel VanHorn Lindsey NordwaldObstetrics

  • Obstetrics team consists of residents of varying levels, medical students, general hospitalist faculty, and  Maternal-Fetal Medicine staff of the week
  • Approximately 2000 deliveries per year
  • Referral center for high risk obstetrics
  • Twice daily board sign out and morning rounds with Hospitalist faculty and Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist
  • Participate in all triage work-ups, floor management, and procedures
  • Weekly case conference discussion to review in a format similar to oral boards

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

  • Daily rounds with Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
  • Participate in care of antenatal patients and high risk laboring patients
  • Participate in the outpatient management of high risk patients at the Center for High Risk Pregnancy

Night Float

  • Senior and junior resident team
  • Supervised by nocturnist, a full-time faculty that covers nights

Kimberly Swan Julie Vircks OROncology

  • Senior and junior resident team along with physician assistant
  • Manage inpatient service along with participating in operative cases
  • Participate in outpatient clinic at the University of Kansas Cancer Center


  • Participate in the operating room in a wide variety of prolapse and incontinence procedures
  • 1-2 days per week of clinic and outpatient urodynamics and cystoscopy

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

  • Participate in outpatient clinic which includes the area's only fertility preservation program and TLC program for recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Participate in surgical procedures both at Kansas University Hospital and the Indian Creek Campus
  • Structured reading assignments from ASRM to support the rotation


  • Learn abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound at the Center for Advanced Fetal Care (CAFCA)
  • CAFCA is a regional referral center and performs 10,000 ultrasounds annually
  • Online learning modules are used to compliment the hands-on experience

Ambulatory Medicine

  • PGY 1 - 1 month
    • Rotation focusing on outpatient management of common gynecological problems
    • 1 week focus on business of medicine aspects such as billing, front desk, check out and medical records.
    • 1 week Patient Safety Rotation
  • PGY 4 - 1 month
    • Focus on pelvic medicine working with the providers at the Center for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health

Topeka Rotation

  • 3 months during the PGY 3 year at the University of Kanas Health System St. Francis campus
  • Rotation simulates private practice and is spent doing gynecological surgery, some complex deliveries, and outpatient management
  • Located one hour west of Kansas City; housing is provided

Continuity Clinic

  • Half day per week on all rotations expect SICU and Night Float
  • Organized by class teams, with each class having a clinic one-half day a week
  • Continuity stressed to maximize patient care and procedures
Last modified: Jun 22, 2021