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Dissertation Research and the Doctoral Dissertation

After passage of the candidacy examination, the final years of the graduate career will be devoted primarily to research conducted under the guidance of the Research Mentor and Dissertation Research Committee. The committee is selected as detailed below. As indicated under the Course Grades section, students will normally enroll in Doctoral Research hours (NURO 990; pass/fail). Students may of course take additional elective courses at this time, but they must maintain a 3.00 overall GPA to remain in good standing in the graduate program. Any additional coursework during this time is approved by the students Dissertation Research Committee.

  1. It is expected that the research phase of training will take 2-3 years, such that the total time in the program will be approximately 5 years. If the total time since admission to the program exceeds 5 years, there is the possibility that the student may not continue to receive financial support.
  2. During this period, you will meet jointly with your research committee every 6 months so that your progress can be discussed and possible changes in your approaches or direction suggested. A summary of your progress will be indicated on a form supplied by the Neuroscience Graduate Studies Committee. This completed form will be forwarded to that committee for review and will be placed in your permanent file.
  3. As your research progresses, you will present 2 Research Seminars highlighting your research project. This allows you to practice formal presentation skills and to demonstrate your progress to the graduate program. The second presentation cannot be given within three months of your Dissertation Defense.
  4. When the completion of your research is near, you will begin to write your dissertation. Substantial portions of the dissertation should be publishable and are expected to be submitted for publication to reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals. Students normally enroll in Doctoral Dissertation (NURO 999; pass/fail) at this time.
  5. When your dissertation is completed, it will be approved by your Research Mentor and the Dissertation Committee. A copy of the final version of the dissertation will be provided to the Director of Neuroscience Graduate Program two weeks before scheduling of your Oral Defense. The dissertation must be complete in unbound form 6 weeks before the dissertation defense is scheduled.
  6. Other than the above, University and Medical center regulations for the Dissertation and the Final Oral Examination will apply.
Last modified: Oct 28, 2020