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PhD Competencies

The opportunities and requirements of the departmental graduate program are organized as a series of goals for you to attain. During your graduate career, your education and training will help you to fulfill the following expectations:

  1. To become knowledgeable in the overall areas of study included in the IGPBS (Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in the Biomedical Sciences) core curriculum: cell biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and integrated systems level biology.
  2. To obtain in-depth and up-to-date expertise in a specialized area of knowledge that is appropriate for the field of your thesis research project.  This includes aspects of cell biology, developmental biology, and behavior related to neural function.
  3. To make original and high quality contributions to the scientific literature in your chosen research field.
  4. To become familiar with the scientific literature through general and specialized journals in biological research, and to develop the ability to critically evaluate the original research in your own and related fields.
  5. To become skilled in organizing and communicating information in oral presentations, and to respond to critical questioning.
  6. To develop clarity, conciseness, and precision in writing, to aid in grant writing and publication of your original research results.
  7. To learn how to ask incisive scientific questions and gain experience in the design, performance and interpretation of laboratory experiments and observations.
  8. To gain familiarity with the preparation and writing of grant applications.
  9. To prepare for the teaching as well as the research aspects of an academic career.
Last modified: Oct 29, 2020