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Neurocritical Care Fellowship

Program overview

The Department of Neurology at the University of Kansas Medical Center, ranked among the national leaders in clinical care and research, offers a multidisciplinary Neurocritical care fellowship program.

Four full-time UCNS certified neurointensivists are available as the core faculty. In addition, multidisciplinary faculty members from various departments support the fellowship. Our dedicated 20-bed Neuro ICU provides care to critically ill neurology, neurosurgery and ENT patients. Continuous EEG monitoring is available in all rooms. A portable CT scanner is housed in the unit. The neurocritical care team works very closely with the neurosurgery and the ENT team. The Neuro ICU call coverage is provided by 3 nurse practitioners and residents (neurology, anesthesia, and neurosurgery) under supervision of the neurointensivists.

The fellow will rotate through medical/transplant ICU, trauma ICU, and cardiothoracic ICU. Opportunities will be available to learn various procedures required in the specialty of critical care. The neurocritical care team is involved in various retrospective and prospective studies, NeuroNext trials, and industry sponsored trials. Fellows will be involved in all these studies and will receive mentoring to enhance their research experience.

Fellows will be on in-house one overnight call (12-18 hour shifts) one day per week. Fellows will be provided with a office cubicle with a computer and space for books and personal items, with locked storage. All fellows will be given an allowance for books, purchase of either a smartphone or a netbook computer.

Two different tracks

The neurocritical care fellowship program features both a one-year track and a two-year track.

The more traditional two-year track features:

  1. Neuro ICU- 8 months
  2. Medical/Transplant ICU (MICU)- 3 months
  3. Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU)- 2 months
  4. Trauma ICU- 1 month
  5. Medical ICU consult service- 1 month
  6. Stroke service- 1 month
  7. Neurosurgery- 1 month
  8. Anesthesia- 2 months


  1. Research- up to 5 months
  2. Palliative care- 2-4 weeks
  3. EEG- 2-4 weeks
  4. Neuroradiology- 2-4 weeks   

The one-year track is for fellows who have completed post-graduate fellowship training in anethesia critical care, surgical critical care or internal medicine critical care that requires at least six months of critical care training. Training on the one year-track includes:

  1. Neuro ICU- 8-9 months
  2. Stroke service- 1 month
  3. EEG- 1 month
  4. Neuroradiology- 1 month
  5. Anesthesia- 1 month (elective)

Neurosurgeons on the one-year track follow a different training regimen

  1. Neuro ICU- 4 months
  2. Medical/Transplant ICU (MICU)- 3 months
  3. Cardiothoracic ICU (CTICU)- 1 month
  4. Medical ICU consult service- 1 month
  5. Stroke service- 1 month
  6. EEG- 1 month
  7. Anesthesia- 1 month

If interested, please send your CV, letter of interest, and three letters of recommendation to: Kathrin Husmann, MD, Associate Professor and Fellowship Program Director, Department of Neurology, The University of Kansas Medical Center Email:

Last modified: Jan 14, 2019