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Our fellows work at two different health care facilities in the region, each of which provides a unique training opportunity.

University of Kansas Hospital

The University of Kansas Hospital, a more than 650-bed hospital, is the major teaching hospital for the University of Kansas Medical Center and the Department of Neurology. It is the secondary and tertiary referral center for the state of Kansas and a level one trauma center. The hospital's Center for Advanced Heart Care has a 32-bed Neurology ward on the eighth floor and a 24-bed Neurological-Neurosurgical ICU on the ninth floor, in addition to six video-EEG machines for prolonged monitoring. The nurses on these wards are trained in the care of patients with neurological disorders and are part of the Stroke Rapid Response assessment team. A new Cambridge Tower is scheduled to open in 2017 that will house neurology, neurosurgery, and otorhinolaryngology. While connected to the main hospital by a bridge, this building will have a dedicated neuroimaging suite with interventional radiology, operating rooms, and Neurological-Neurosurgical ICU.

The main location of the Department of Neurology is in the Theo and Alfred M. Landon Center on Aging, located one block north of the main hospital campus. Most faculty are housed in this building. The department averages 1,175 outpatient visits each month, using 24 clinic rooms, two EMG machines, two combined EMG/EEG/evoked potential laboratories, a procedure room for muscle and skin biopsies and an infusion center for chemotherapy and plasmapheresis. A three-bed unit for sleep studies is housed nearby in the Clinic and Translational Science Unit.

The School of Medicine's main classrooms are on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus along with those of the School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions. 

While each hospital has its own library, the Archie Dykes Library at the University of Kansas Medical Center has an extensive collection of journals, both electronic and traditional. Currently, there is electronic access to more than 13,000 journals through the university's library system, and off-site access is easily available using a proxy login to the campus servers. Additionally, the Ziegler library in the Landon Center houses a collection of textbooks, reference texts and key journals for access by our residents while in the Landon Center.

Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center is a 125-bed acute care hospital designed to serve our veterans. Our service provides neurology consults and staffs the neurology clinics. Intensive care for neurology patients is available as needed in the medical intensive care unit (MICU), coronary care unit (CCU) and surgical intensive care unit (SICU) under the primary supervision of pulmonary/critical care or cardiology staff physicians. Outpatient evaluations are conducted in the Silver Clinic, which provides eight well-equipped rooms. There are three rooms for EMG/NCV studies and two rooms for EEG and evoked potential studies. Clinics are held five half-days each week.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
Program Info

Gary S. Gronseth, MD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Neurology

Mamatha Pasnoor, MD
Professor and Director
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program

Mazen M. Dimachkie, MD
Professor and Associate Director
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program

Utku Uysal, MD
Associate Professor and Associate Director
Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship Program

Sonya Fabricius
Education Coordinator

The University of Kansas
Medical Center
Department of Neurology
3599 Rainbow Blvd, MS 2012
Kansas City, KS 66160

Clinical Neurophysiology
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