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Clerkship Overview

Welcome to the Neurology Clerkship at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

We're excited to offer students the chance to engage with our expert faculty while learning more about neurology and the successful diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, autonomic system, nerves and muscles.

Through a unique blend of inpatient and outpatient experiences as well as other educational activities, by the end of the Clerkship, students will be equipped with important procedural, analytical and behavioral skills that will help prepare them to recognize and manage a range of neurological diseases.

Neurology Clerkship faculty and staff

Yunxia Wang, M.D., Professor of Neurology
Clerkship Director
3901 Rainbow Blvd. MS-2012
Phone: (913) 588-0686
Pager: (913) 917-5085
Fax: (913) 588-0673

Brenton Massey, D.O., Assistant Professor of Neurology
Clerkship Co-Director
3901 Rainbow Blvd. MS-2012
Phone: (913) 588-6970

Paula Mengel
Clerkship Coordinator
Office: Support Services Ste. 110; 2100 W 36th Ave.
Phone: (913) 588-6996
Fax: (913) 588-6965

Last modified: Dec 09, 2020