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Edward B. Stephens, Ph.D.

Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Immunology

Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1981
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alabama at Birmingham

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Research Interests

Research interests include molecular aspects of HIV-1 pathogenesis using the chimeric simian-human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV)/ macaque model system with specific interests in:

  • molecular mechanisms through which the Vpu protein of HIV-1 contributes to the pathogenesis of the virus
  • molecular mechanisms of through which the Vif protein of HIV-1 contributes to the pathogenesis of the virus
  • the use of macaque models to study lentivirus infection and persistence

Selected Recent Publications

  • Hill, M.S., Ruiz, A., Pacyniak, E., Wisdom, B.J., Pinson, D.M., Culley, N., Yen, B., Wong, S.W., and Stephens, E.B. 2008. Modulation of the severe CD4+ T cell loss caused by a pathogenic simian-human immunodeficiency virus by replacement of the subtype B vpu with the vpu from a subtype C HIV-1 isolate. Virology 371: 86-97.
  • Van Damme, N., Goff, D., Katsura, C., Jorgenson, R.L., Mitchell, R., Johnson, M.C., Stephens, E.B., Guatelli, J.C. 2008. The interferon-induced protein BST-2 restricts HIV-1 release and is downregulated from the cell surface by the viral Vpu protein. Cell Host Microbe 3: 245-352.
  • Ruiz, A., Hill, M.S., Schmitt, K., Guatelli, J. and Stephens, E.B. 2008. Requirements of membrane proximal tyrosine and dileucine sorting signals for efficient transport of the subtype C Vpu Proteins to the plasma membrane and virus release. Virology 378: 58-68.
  • Greene, W.C., Debyser, Z., Ikeda, Y., Freed, E.O., Stephens, E.B., Yonemoto, W., Buckheit, R., Esté, J.A., and Cihlar, T. 2008. Novel targets for HIV therapy. Antiviral Research 80: 251-265.
  • Yankee, T.M., Sheffer, D., Liu, Z., Dhillon, S., Jia, F., Chebloune, Y., Stephens, E.B., and Narayan, O. 2009. Longitudinal study to assess the safety and efficacy of a live-attenuated SHIV vaccine in long term immunized rhesus macaques. Virology 383: 103-111.
  • Schmitt, K., Hill, M.S., Ruiz, A, Culley, N., Pinson, D.M., Wong, S.W., and Stephens, E.B. 2009. Mutations in the highly conserved SLQXLA motif of Vif results in a simian-human immunodeficiency virus results in less pathogenic virus and is associated with G to A mutations in the viral genome. Virology 383: 62-72.

Mitchell, R.S., Katsura, C., Skasko, M.A., Fitzpatrick, K., Lau, D., Ruiz, A., Stephens, E.B., Margottin-Gouget, F., Benarous, R., and Guatelli, J.C. 2009. Vpu antagonizes BST-2-mediated restriction of HIV-1 release via β-TrCP and endo-lysosomal trafficking. PLOs Pathogens, 5(5):e1000450.

Last modified: Aug 11, 2020

Edward B. Stephens, Ph.D.


Edward B. Stephens, Ph.D.

Office: 2000H Hixon
Lab: 2000 Hixon

P: (913) 588-7057
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