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Cash Assistance

Kansas Department for Children and Families

Offers cash assistance, food assistance, child care services, energy assistance, child support services, and rehabilitation services to those who qualify.

Go to the Kansas Department for Children and Families website and click the "Check to see if you may be eligible for benefits and services" link. Create a user name and password to apply for Cash Assistance or call 1-888-369-4777.

Note: This is a somewhat lengthy process.

Last modified: Apr 03, 2019
Contact us

If you need assistance or have questions about any of the resources on this website or need help finding additional resources, you can come to JayDoc Free Clinic and visit with someone in our Social Services Department. We are open on Monday and Wednesday evening. Please arrive by 5 p.m. and tell the front desk volunteer that you would like to talk to someone in the Social Services Department.



Mailing address:
JayDoc Free Clinic
300 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, KS, 66103
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