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Exercise Programs

HAWK Health and Wellness in Kansas

HAWK is here to provide an opportunity for the Kansas City community to advance their fitness activity. An emphasis is placed on assistance with home exercise programs. Throughout each year various educational seminars will be provided. The accommodations are free.

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JaySTART Clinic

JaySTART is a free occupational and physical therapy clinic serving the Kansas City community. Students-in-training at the University of Kansas Medical Center, under direct supervision of licensed physical therapists and occupational therapists, provide rehabilitation services to patients.

Healthy Hawks

Acomprehensive treatment program to help children, adolescents and their families overcome issues related to weight offered by the University of Kansas Medical Center School of Medicine Pediatrics Department.


Fit for Life Program

Individual or family membership plans are offered on a sliding scale.  Membership includes classes, access to equipment, and support.

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care
300-340 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, Kansas 66013

Big Changes Program

Big Changes is a special program for people with BMI’s of >39 (usually over 300 pounds) and who are willing to make a commitment to changing their lives. Class is limited to 32 individuals at a time. Call for more information and to find out if openings exist.

Southwest Boulevard Family Health Care
300-340 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66103

Last modified: May 06, 2020
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Mailing address:
300-340 Southwest Boulevard
Kansas City, KS, 66103
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Trained & verified volunteers may schedule hours at the clinic using the link below.

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