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Katherine F. Roby, PhD

Research Associate Professor
Anatomy and Cell Biology

PhD, University of Kansas Medical Center, 1989
Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Kansas Medical Center, 1989-1994

The laboratory has two major areas of focus: ovarian biology and ovarian cancer. In regard to ovarian biology we are interested in understanding the cellular and molecular events controlling ovarian follicular development and ovulation. Specific interests focus on TNF, Src tyrosine kinase, and serum amyloid A. In regard to ovarian cancer, specific interests include defining the early molecular events associated with initiation of ovarian cancer, identification of targets for drug development, and the preclinical development of new therapies for the treatment of ovarian cancer.  Ovarian cancer is primarily an intraperitoneal cancer and thus exhibits unique characteristics that can be exploited in treatment schemes. We have also extended our drug development/treatment studies to other cancers within the peritoneal cavity including disseminated colorectal cancer and mesothelioma.

Selected Publications

Son D-S, Terranova PF, Roby KF. Interaction of adenosine 3':5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP) and tumor necrosis factor α (TNF) on serum amyloid A3 expression in mouse granulosa cells: dependence on CCAAT-enhancing binding protein (C/EBP) β isoform. Endocrinology. 2010 Jul;151(7):3407-3419.

Cohen MS, Al-kasspooles MF, Williamson SK, Henry D, Broward M, Roby KF. Combination intraperitoneal chemotherapy is superior to mitomycin C or oxaliplatin for colorectal carcinomatosis in vivo. Ann Surg Oncol. 2010 Jan;17(1):296-303.

Chaturvedi G, Arai K, Terranova PF, Roby KF. The Src tyrosine kinase pathway regulates thecal CYP17 expression and androstenedione secretion. Mol Cell Biochem.  2008 Nov;318(1-2): 191-200.

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Katherine F. Roby, PhD


Katherine F. Roby, PhD
Research Associate Professor