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The purpose of mentoring our young faculty members is to create a unified culture within the Department of Internal Medicine which sets the standard for the practice of internal medical in Kansas City, the state of Kansas and the midwest region of the United States. We are prepared to invest our energies, passion and resources into the medical excellence that distinguishes the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

The mentoring program represents a formalized process by which the resources of the department, intellectual and other, are made available for facilitation. While linked to promotion within the School of Medicine as a legitimate career and development goal, the program is also viewed in the larger context of career development. In the final analysis, the opportunity to serve as a medicine faculty represents freedom and responsibility to develop one's own skills and individuality, within a supportive infrastructure of facilitation.

Please use this timeline as a guide for your journey.

Before You Arrive

Our timeline begins with School of Medicine's Onboarding Process which begins immediately after you sign your offer letter. Included is information about personal health insurance, credentialing, and compliance issues, as well as the names of contacts who can make your transition to KU and the Department of Internal Medicine a much smoother experience.

Our Department On-Boarding instructions begin with your first date of employment and continue with a clear overview of tasks through your first promotion approximately 3-5 years after your arrival to ensure you are prepared and ready when it is time to apply from promotion.

Day 1

  • HR Orientation will be scheduled for you, but plan on attending the half day mandatory session. Payroll and benefits begin here. 
  • TB Test for new employees is to be expected on your first day or week.
  • Struggling with email, computer hardware, computer software, and phone related problems? Contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) phone, 913-945-9999 is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist.

Month 1

Computer and Software Resources
Need advice on what to expect & how to order information -- start with your Division Coordinator or the Department Administrator
  • Computers and software, office supplies and equipment 
  • Free software and discounted computers/laptops are available from the KUMC portal when you sign into myKUMC 
  • Software download -- Links to download commonly used KUMC applications 
  • Purchase Microsoft discounted software -- MS Office, Windows OS, and more at greatly reduced rates 
  • Purchase a Dell computer for personal use -- PC purchases through KUMC's educational discounts


Departments and resources to help you get ready to teach on the KUMC Campus

  • Logistics of teaching on campus for the first time, contact the Office of Teaching & Learning Technology (TLT)
  • For help to improve your teaching skills, contact your division director for information about peer reviews or call the offices of either GME or OME
  • Library resources 
  • Travel Funds ... see your division director with questions

Year 1

Prepare for Annual Re-Licensure
  • State of Kansas CE Guidelines for re-licensure (contact the Kansas Medical Society or speak with our administrator) 

Prepare for your first Annual Assessment of Faculty Members

Understand the department's expectations for your:

Set and discuss goals, to use on your Annual Assessment, with your mentor

  • Set up your CV in the format required by the School of Medicine and update it no less than every six months. 
  • Meet with the chair or your division director to discuss first teaching expectations or for any department related teaching questions contact Stewart Babbott, M.D.

Planning for Promotion - where you should be at the end of Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The School of Medicine Mentoring Program provides information you should become extremely familiar with regarding how to prepare for your promotion process with the least amount of road blocks. 
  • Begin with Understanding Ranks & Tracks
  • Based upon your needs, review Abridged Guidelines for Promotion for tenure and non-tenure tracks
  • Based on your needs, review Matrices for Promotion with recommendations for assistant professor accomplishments by the end of Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, leading up to promotion from any track.

Meeting and Conference Resources

Begin to identify your primary National Organizations or Society and discuss with your mentor how you will pay for your trip during your second year on faculty.

Research Funding Resources

  • Identify Pilot Projects on Campus: Contact the Research Institute (RI) 8-2186 
  • Identify available RFAs and PAs from National Funding agencies: Check with the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration, RI, 8-1239

Year 2

Depending on your track and new hire date, deadlines listed in the School of Medicine’s P&T schedule timeline may vary based upon individual track and hire date. Review with your mentor and/or a member of the department P&T committee all P&T related questions and schedules to ensure you meet the correct deadlines for promotion, or contact the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office for more information.

Time Management 
  • Startup tasks are about complete so management of time needs to be reassessed. Work with your mentor on this.
  • If have not converted you Curriculum Vitae to the SOM CV format, do so now. 

Start preparing your CV for tenure application

Year 3

Tenure Track Only -- Mid-Career Evaluation, conducted by Departmental Promotion and Tenure Committee regarding questions about what you need to prepare, including:
  • The required KU SOM Curriculum Vitae Form (Word) 
  • A written summary evaluation by the department chair
  • Copies of each annual review
  • Other appropriate evidence of progress towards tenure and academic promotion

Year 4-5

SOM Promotion and Tenure

The following steps must be followed by faculty members who wish to be supported for promotion or promotion with tenure by the Department of Internal Medicine. The year you go up for promotion may vary based upon your track and approved leave extensions, however, the annual P&T Schedule provided by the School of Medicine MUST be followed. To ensure support of the department for your application, you are expected to attend no less than one of the training sessions regarding the application process offered by the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office each spring. Contact the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office for more information about when they are scheduled.

  • Initiate a conversation between you, and your division director if you're considering a promotion application in the next year or two 
  • Follow the SOM Submission Checklist
  • Become aware of the Department Evaluation Schedule (discuss with your division director or mentor): Promotion & Tenure Evaluation Meeting; Mid-Career Evaluation (Tenure Track Only); Full Review - when up for promotion 

Your success is up to you, but your chair, division director, mentors, senior department colleagues and the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office are available to guide you through the process and answer your questions along the way.

Year 5

The year you go up for promotion and/or tenure may vary based upon your track and approved leave extensions, however, the schedule below remains the same.

  • Between February and April, make appointment to visit with Dianne Durham, the Associate Dean and Jo Halverson, the Director in the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office about promotion.
  • Follow the SOM P&T Schedule to the letter
  • Spring — Attend one of the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development P&T Informational Seminars on the Promotion &Tenure process. Contact the Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development office for the schedule. If your division has a designated staff member who assists in the preparation of your documents, he/she should attend one of the training sessions as well. See SOM "Submission Checklist" for complete list of required documents.

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Campus dining locations

plate graphic

• Bell Cafeteria: Menu
• Elements 4 Life: Menu
Both are near the main elevators on the ground floor of the hospital

• Cambridge Cafe: Menu
On level 1 of the Center for Advanced Heart Care 

• Courtyard Cafe: Menu
In the basement of the Orr-Major building

• Java City: Menu
On the ground floor of the Medical Office Building 

• Physicians Dining Room: Contact Judy Smedra for access.

More Helpful Information

• Campus Map with major auditoriums and public meeting locations

Medical Staff Office (MSO), Room G246, KU Hospital

• Duty Schedules (relative to department duty and clinic schedules and closures, call schedule and attending/consulting staff and vacation and leave forms)