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Expectations for Teaching Portfolio

Reflective Statement
  • Should be 1-3 pages in length
  • Should include your philosophy of education, style and approach
  • Highlight preferred teaching venues
  • Provide insight of your teaching goals
  • Provide method of self-assessment and measure to improve quality
Chronology of Teaching Activities
  • Chronological list of courses taught by year
  • Time commitment
  • Number of students in the course
Peer Evaluations
  • Numeric scoring evaluations with comments from peers
  • Letters from colleagues who have directly observed your skills: Course directors, collaborators, mentors
Learner Evaluations
  • Numerical summary of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations collected and summarized by the Department
  • Should be chronological with goal to demonstrate improvement over time
  • Provide comparison with other faculty members in Department
  • May include written comments
  • Written letters from graduate students, former residents, and fellows
Teaching Portfolio Letters
  • Draft of letter that goes to extramural physician requesting letter: Should request 6-8 outside letters from individuals in leadership positions
  • Format for letter from Division Chief recommending faculty for promotion: Goes to Department Chair

Standardized Curriculum Vita Format

Do Not Include

  • Individual evaluation records
  • Patient testimonials
  • Thank you letters for presentation
  • Power Point or videos
  • Copies of awards, credentials, certificates, should be in CV
  • E-mail comments
  • Conference fliers showing you as speaker
  • Newspaper or other periodicals that discuss your wor
  • More than 30 pages

The entire teaching portfolio should be 20-30 pages in length; a bigger document is not better. Information in the teaching portfolio should not be redundant with the curriculum vitae.

For more information, go to the School of Medicine Teaching Portfolio website.

Last modified: Oct 02, 2019
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