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Expectations for Clinical Service

The following example as are taken from the School of Medicine Guidelines for Academic Promotion and/or the Award of Tenure.

Section 3: Professional Service

Professional Service activities include, but are not limited to: 
Comments include quality and quantity measures of clinical or professional practice including patient care data and RVUs.

Early Career, i.e., assistant professor level activities:

  • Clinical competence and demonstrated potential for excellence in area of expertise
  • Contributions to collaborative team efforts in clinical, public health, or scientific activities
  • Local consulting in area of expertise
  • Participation on clinically-related committees of the School of Medicine and related organizations/institutions
  • Advisor/expert consultant to State government and regional organizations

Mid Career, i.e., associate professor level activities:

  • Is determined by regional reputation for excellence for example: Consulting on a regional basis; Awards and other recognition as an outstanding regional clinician 
  • Responsibility for a clinical program
  • Leadership role in appropriate committees or groups related to clinical services or research such as Human Subjects Committee/Institutional Review Boards (IRB)
  • Leadership role/chair of major committees in professional medical organizations on a regional basis
  • Spokesperson for the School of Medicine or University on areas of expertise 

Established CAREER i.e., full professor level activities:

Requires demonstration of significant, prestigious activities at the national or international level such as:

  • Active participation in professional medical organizations 
  • Recognition as national leader in area of clinical expertise 
  • Chair/leadership role on committee developing national standards in area of expertise 
  • Leadership role in national or international professional medical organization 

To Be Completed by Faculty Member

When you complete Section 3. Clinical Service of the Annual Faculty Assessment Form, the following sections must be completed:

  • Goals and objectives for the past calendar year 
  • Faculty Member's Self-Assessment for past calendar year as related to "Goals and Objectives". (Include Honors, if any) 
  • Goals and objectives for the future year: 

Consider the following activities when you complete your three questions:

  • Administrative activities related to clinical services 
  • Activities within the division 
  • Department of Medicine administrative work 
  • Hospital administrative work 
  • Division administration of fellowship (this actually may be under teaching activities above) 
  • Direct patient care activities: Clinic; Consultations; Procedures; Techniques 

Last modified: Oct 02, 2019
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