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KU Internal Medicine Clerkship Grading & Feedback

The final grade for the Internal Medicine Clerkship consists of the following:

  • Clinical Rotation Evaluations
  • Written Examination/NBME 
  • Standardized Patient Encounters
  • Professionalism

Thorough information regarding specific grading rubrics, expectations, and breakdown will be provided during clerkship orientation.

Dedicated performance feedback is provided through the following methods:

  • Clinical Rotation Evaluations
  • Sandardized Patient Encounters
  • Observed History & Physical Examination
  • Mid Clerkship Feedback Session with a Program Director

Additional Faculty Feedback to Students

Students are encouraged to solicit feedback on their performance early and frequently during their rotations. Each student should have a private conference with their attending physician during each week of the rotation if appropriate. Feedback forms are provided by the clerkship to help maximize this time.

Student Feedback to the Clerkship

Every effort is made to solicit constructive criticism from medical students throughout the clerkship. In addition to their evaluations of faculty, students will be provided an anonymous post-clerkship survey where they can comment on all aspects of the clerkship. Clerkship Directors are also available for real-time feedback based on student needs.

Last modified: Sep 09, 2020
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