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Internal Medicine Clerkship

Jennifer Fink, MDWelcome to the Internal Medicine Clerkship page.

The Internal Medicine Clerkship aims to transition the student from a foundational science-focused learner into a clinician with adequate skills to appropriately care for a medical patient. Our teaching strategy is encompassed by, quoting Voltaire, talking "sense." We strive to make "sense" of the most simple or complex clinical presentations by a step-wise, rational approach, not just by acquisition of data (laboratory, radiographic and physiologic) but strategic acquisition, organization and utilization of data.

It is our hope that the remarkable satisfaction that can arise from this appreciation of biologic "sense" will drive our learners to seek higher levels of engagement in clinical practice.

We hope that this rotation will challenge students to develop skill and individual style in communication and engagement with patients, peers and other healthcare givers, and ultimately prepare them for real-world clinical practice. During the rotation, the daily focus is on learning through direct patient care while immersed in the complex world of social, physiologic and economic sequelae of maintaining health and caring for patients. By "taking charge" of their patient's care through a progressive entrustment of responsibilities, students develop a real-world appreciation of the individual and population challenges in healthcare. It is hoped that this direct exposure to the realities of their patients' illnesses will encourage the development of humility, humanism and empathy, which are essential professional attributes of any physician.

The clerkship experience will be a true adventure and we, in the Department of Medicine, are dedicated to creating an optimal experience for you, the student-physician.

Jennifer L. Fink, MD
Director, Internal Medicine Clerkship
Associate Professor of Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine


Last modified: Sep 08, 2020
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