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REDCap User

What is a REDCap User?

A person that has a KUMC or Affiliate account ID and password. A REDCap user has the ability to create and access projects.

User Profile Validation

Go to

Add Group Email to User Account

To use a group email, you will need to add the email to your user profile as a secondary email. See the below for steps.

  1. Log into REDCap at
  2. Click on the User My Profile link in the upper right of the window. The link is after your user name and before the log out .
  3. Go to the second section to the "Addition Options" and add the secondary email.

User Second Email

Add a user to a REDCap project

  1. User Rights access for you to add new users is needed.
  2. Use their KUMC Id example: KUMC email is use example.
  3. Add the KUMC ID to the "Add new user " field.
  4. If the users name displays while you are adding the name then the user has access to REDCap
  5. If the user does not display. Still add the id. The user has never logged into REDCap. The User will have to log into redcap at to do the initial access to the system.
  6. Click on the "Add with custom rights" button.
    1. Put a check mark on the areas you would like for the user to view/edit.

Add User

If the new user does not have a KUMC ID and password. You will need to have your Department Administrator to garner an affiliate account for the new user. The Department Administrator needs to have the rights to request new email accounts from the Information Research (KUMC Help Desk 913-945-9999).

Last modified: Jul 22, 2021