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What is REDCap?

REDCap is a secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases.

The REDCap application is developed at Vanderbilt University, and software and support are available at no charge to institutional partners: members of the REDCap Consortium.

Is the REDCap system secure?

The REDCap application (database and web server) are hosted at University of Kansas Medical Center, which means that all data is secure within KUMC's IT infrastructure, and that the system is an appropriate repository for research data.  

Use of the REDCap system is governed by an End User License Agreement between University of Kansas Medical Center and Vanderbilt University. This agreement enables all KUMC researchers to utilize the system for their research activities free of charge.

Is there any Stipulations in using REDCap?

1.Use of REDCap should be cited in any publications or presentations arising from research projects that make use of the application. See for suitable boilerplate text.

2.Complex or customizable studies will require funding for those services.

How do I determine how to use surveys?

Survey wizard Link to help users determine how to setup a survey.

Last modified: Jul 22, 2021