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Understanding Free-Text Notes in HERON

Free-Text Notes

A new feature in HERON is the ability to search free-text notes. These notes include physician and nursing notes. Prior to brining in a note type, the notes are de-identified and 30 notes are audited to make sure PHI is being scrubbed appropriately.

Finding Notes in the HERON Hierarchy

To find physician notes in the HERON Hierarchy open the reports folder. The notes are under note types.


Searching Note for Specific Terms

When you pull a note type into your query, it will prompt you to enter a value. You can choose either "no value" or search "by value." Typically you will use contains, but in the drop down you can choose exact, starts with, or ends with. If you would like to search by text, enter the text name in the search box. Example, search patients who have diabetes written in the note.

  • Warning: When searching by names, it cannot distinguish between, "patient has diabetes" and "patient does not have diabetes." It will choose both notes because they contain the word diabetes. However, when you request the data, this will help filter out notes that don't have anything to do with diabetes.
  • Warning #2: If you are looking for diabetes, you should pull over the note multiple times and in the search text enter variations of how physicians would write diabetes (i.e. T1D, T2D, diabetes).



Notes can be seen on the timeline if they are brought into your query. Hover over the note type to browse the note context. For longer notes, only the first 4,000 characters will be shown. In the data request, you will receive the full note.

Available note types include:

  1. ED Notes
  2. Initial Assessments
  3. OR Nursing
  4. Committee Review
  5. Discharge Inst - Activity
  6. Discharge Inst - Diet
  7. Discharge Inst - Appointments
  8. Discharge Inst - Other Info
  9. DIscharge Inst - Signs / Symptoms
  10. Discharge Inst - Case Management
  11. Discharge Instructions
  12. Nursing Note
  13. Pre-Anesthesia Patient Instructions
  14. Critical Results
  15. Operative Report (DICTATED ONLY)
  16. Op Note
  17. Brief Op Note
  18. Rehab Team Physician
  19. Procedures (Immed Post or Bedside)
Last modified: Jul 22, 2021