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Integrate REDCap Projects into HERON

How to prepare your REDCap project to be loaded into HERON

Integration of REDCap project data into HERON is driven by our desire to empower the researcher to:

  • look at a richer data picture of their project population.
  • look for disparaties in data in the EMR versus the data in REDCap projects.

Since July 2012, REDCap projects that model breast cancer, Alzheimer's, Spesis management registries among others have been integrated into HERON. Below, we briefly summarize how you can get your REDCap project ready for integration into HERON.

1. Make sure you document the MRN for patients in your project

  • REDCap data related to a patient is linked to the rest of their EMR data using their Medical Record Number (MRN). Please make sure you record the MRN accurately for the patients with all the leading zeros. Patients missing valid MRN will not be loaded into HERON.

2. Verify that no two records in your REDCap project have the same MRN

  • If two records (i.e. patients) have the same MRN, then your REDCap project should be modeled as a longitudinal project. If you have questions regarding longitudinal projects, please watch the relevant video. If you need further help changing your project to be longitudinal, contact us. 

3. Mark the fields containing PHI as "Identifiers"

4. Check the REDCap field types in your project

  • Right now we only pull the following REDCap field types into HERON:
    • Text fields with integer, float, or data validation. We ignore text fields without any validation.
    • Radio, checkbox, select (dropdown), yes/no fields.
  • Make sure the data  you want to look at in HERON is in those fields. If not, please contact us and we can try to expand this list. We do not load data from unvalidated text fields due to the de-identification challenges. 

5. Verify the user rights to your project

  • Currently access to your REDCap data in HERON is limited to only users who have permission to it in REDCap.

6. Project Status: Production

  • Finally, make sure your project has been moved to Production. This is a good practice for REDCap projects as it helps protect the project structure and data against inadvertent changes.

7. Our releases are around the middle of the month

  • For your project to be part of the next monthly release, the project has to be ready by the first week of a month. We will first stage the data and will contact you if we have any obvious issues that we need your help in resolving.

8. Request to integrate your project

  • Please complete the REDCap-to-HERON Request so that we can integrate your project into HERON. Choose options HERON and then REDCap to HERON Request

9. Contact us

Last modified: Jul 22, 2021