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Pioneers Participant Registries Requests

The Pioneers Research Participant Registries include patients who have given permission to be contacted for future research studies. Pioneers Health System patients have all been seen at KU Hospital, whereas Pioneers Community patients are those in the community who may or may not have been seen at KU Hospital.  Qualified researchers with IRB-approved protocols can use these recruitment tools to obtain contact information for individuals who match the criteria for their studies. 

Requesting Patient Contact Information:

Requests for contact information are made to the Recruitment Registry Review Committee (RRRC), a multi-disciplinary committee with representation from the University of Kansas Medical Center, KU Hospital, and the University of Kansas Physicians, Inc. The RRRC screens for overutilization of population groups and individuals. Requests for identification of vulnerable populations are given special consideration. 

To obtain patient contact information, please proceed to the heron homepage and complete the HERON Data Use or Recruitment Request form which is found on the left hand side under Regulatory Requests.  

Once approved, you will receive an approval notification and contact information will be sent separately in a password protected file through Secure File Transfer. The file will be available for 30 days. It is recommended that you remind patients that they signed an authorization from in one of the outpatient clinics giving permission to be contacted in the future about research and that is why they are now being called. 

An updated database search can be conducted every 3 months, if requested. Please contact for more information. 

Please note that the Pioneers Research Participant Registry is available to KUMC faculty or those with a KUMC co-investigator. 

How to search HERON for Pioneers participants

  • Start the i2b2 Query & Analysis Tool. Conduct desired query. For general help on how to conduct a search, click on the "Help" link located in the upper right portion of the i2b2 Query & Analysis Tool. 
  • Add Pioneers Research Participant Registry to a group and exclude Deceased in another group by clicking on the exclude link. This will limit the search to only non-deceased participants in HERON who have consented to be part of the registry.  
  • Enter a search name of your choice, and make sure to check the "patient list" checkbox. Always give an appropriate name for future reference to the query and store it in your folder (it has your name) in the Workplace area. Move the query to the shared folder when ready to submit request to the DROC.

  • Complete Pioneers Research Participant Registry form. 

Pioneers Website: 

  • Members of the community may register and consent to become a Pioneer
  • KUMC studies posted on are automatically posted on the website under Active Studies
  • Researchers can complete this form to request to post a study on the website
  • Researchers can request a basic study interest form to be added to the study listing
    • A button "I am Interested" will be shown on the study page. If patients click that they are interested, researchers will be given their contact information
    • Fill out this form

Research Recruitment Video:


  • Introduction to REDCap and HERON: Beginner Training Clinics Tuesdays 12pm-1pm CST. Click here to sign up. This is an introduction for new users or users needing a refresher
  • For questions or help with projects: REDCap & HERON Office Hours, Monday & Wednesday 4pm-5pm CST, Friday 9am-10am CST. Click here to sign up. This is not a beginner course; 15-20 min appointment to assist with specific questions
  • For support by email: Contact MI Support at
  • For project development by MI: Contact MI Support at Funding is required
Last modified: Aug 11, 2021