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COVID Data Resources

May 8, 2020 COVID i2b2 & Data Informational Session


COVID-19+ Cohort at KUMC

Cohort Information

  • Data refreshed weekly
  • Cohort includes all patients seen at TUKHS since 1/1/2020 who have been tested for COVID-19 or who have had a diagnosis code for illnesses such as COVID, pneumonia, influenza, bronchitis or fever.

Data Request Process

  1. Obtain IRB Approval or Quality Improvement Letter of Determination
  2. Build HERON Query
    • HERON team will limit cohort to COVID positive or tested patients
  3. Log HERON Data Use or Recruitment Request
    • Request form available at (accessible at KUMC or via the KUMC VPN)
    • Please specify if the query should be limited to COVID + or all patients tested for COVID
  4. HERON Team & Data Request Oversight Committee will Review Request
    • All individuals listed on the request must sign the data use agreement on the HERON homepage
  5. Data Provided in REDCap

COVID-19+ Cohort within The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC)

The Greater Plains Collaborative (GPC) is a network of 12 leading medical centers in 9 states committed to a shared vision of improving healthcare delivery through ongoing learning, adoption of evidence - based practices, and active research dissemination.

  1. Prototype query locally against i2b2 or PCORnet CDM
    • If planning to supersize request to the GPC, pulling data from the PCORnet CDM will be easiest to replicate across sites
  2. Log GPC Feasibility or Data Request
  3. GPC Data Request Oversight Committee will review request
  4. Data will be provided in REDCap from each participating site

** Funding is required to request line-item GPC data. Feasibility counts are provided for free to support grant applications (as long as no custom work is needed).

National and International Data Efforts:

  1. 4CE Consortium is an international consortium for electronic health record (EHR) data-driven studies of the COVID-19 pandemic, led by the i2b2 international academics users group
  2. ACT Network
    • Funded by NCATS to support cohort discovery for multicenter trials
      • Feasibility counts run on over 125 million patient records from 44 sites in the CTSA network 
      • Queries return counts from each site
    • 9 sites (BIDMC, Partners, UPitts, UCSD, UTSW, UCLA, USC, KUMC, UAB) have participated in a test network for COVID-19 patients
    • Request access to production ACT on 
  3. PCORnet COVID-19+ Network
    • PCORnet is a large, highly representative, national patient-centered clinical research network.
    • 20 Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN), 13 Clinical Data Research Network (CDRN), 2 Health Plan Research Network (HPRD), consists of 329 safety net facilities and 348 health systems
    • 11 CDRNs of 28 sites have participated in the COVID-19+ network

Last modified: Jul 22, 2021