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HERON Introduction

1. Access HERON: 

Requirements for access:

  • Secure KUMC network (either on campus or via VPN)
  • KUMC Faculty member status or sponsored by a faculty member
  • Up-to-date Human Subjects Training
  • Signed system access agreement

2. Create a search

  • Search by dragging and dropping concepts (e.g., search terms) into groups
  • Search options include:
    • Limit by dates
    • Searching within the same financial encounter
    • Defining multiple occurrences
    • Excluding items, and more
  • Watch a video demonstrating a simple search
  • Watch a video discussing the search options within the tool

3. Analysis Tools

Each tool requires a patient set, also called patient list. To create a patient set, click the Patient List checkbox on the search pop-up that appears after you click Run Query. Once the search is complete, you can access the patient set in the previous query box (lower left section of the screen) by clicking on the search title and opening the results folder.

  • Demographics - quickly creates a bar graph for demographic information (e.g., gender, race, etc.) for one or two patient sets.
  • Timeline - create a visual representation for patient observation occurrence. Observations are marked with a tic on a timeline. Hover over the observation tic for additional information, such as time or value when available.

4. Request Data

Faculty members can request identified or de-identified data. See instructions for requesting a data set or watch the training video. Data is provided via REDCap and as a CSV file.

Learn more about the Frontiers Research Participat Registry and searching HERON to find consenting patients for research trials.

Watch presentations from previous HERON training workshops: 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 Fishing Trips.

Need more help?

  • Introduction to REDCap and HERON: Beginner Training Clinics Tuesdays 12pm-1pm CST. Click here to sign up. This is an introduction for new users or users needing a refresher
  • For questions or help with projects: REDCap & HERON Office Hours, Monday & Wednesday 4pm-5pm CST, Friday 9am-10am CST. Click here to sign up. This is not a beginner course; 15-20 min appointment to assist with specific questions
  • For support by email: Contact MI Support at
  • For project development by MI: Contact MI Support at Funding is required
Last modified: Jul 22, 2021