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Fellowship Program in Infectious Diseases

Our fellowship is a two-year program with an emphasis on training in clinical infectious diseases. A third year of training in research techniques is made available in exceptional cases for fellows preparing to accept a faculty position. Candidates must be Internal Medicine board-eligible or ABIM-certified. With talented and dedicated faculty eager to provide instruction, guidance and training, we believe that you will find us to be an excellent program.

Our training encompasses the following emphases:

CLINICAL: Experiences will include inpatient consultations and a weekly half-day outpatient clinic (maintained continuously through the fellowship). Outpatient clinical care includes management of HIV as well as care of patients on outpatient parenteral antimicrobials (from all medical and surgical disciplines). Each fellow will also gain experience managing patients with mycobacterial diseases, fungal infections, pre/post-transplantation patients, immunocompromised patients and a variety of outpatient referrals for other complicated infections.

RESEARCH: Research experience is required and encouraged in conjunction with our faculty, basic scientists or clinical microbiologists/pharmacists from the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology or Department of Pharmacy. We have several research project partnerships with colleagues in the Gastroenterology, Pulmonary/Critical Care and Cardiology divisions; partnering with our surgical colleagues provides additional opportunities. We also encourage our fellows to gain clinical trials experience by participating in ongoing studies of antimicrobials and vaccinations.

TEACHING: Fellows are expected to participate in educating medical students, interns and residents rotating through the infectious diseases service. We believe that professionalism, ethical standards and humanistic qualities are paramount to the successful practice of medicine, and our faculty subscribes to the "lead by example" philosophy.We look forward to working with you and helping you graduate as a competent, confident and compassionate physician who will be a lifelong learner and a dedicated teacher for the next generation, ready to solve new problems and disseminate information for others to study and emulate.

Director's Welcome

Welcome to the University of Kansas Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program.

We thank you for your interest in our program and are excited to share the people, places and programming that we embrace as our ID community. We are delighted that you have chosen to pursue training and a career in Infectious Diseases and believe that you will find this a fulfilling and thrilling endeavor. We are proud of the program that we have developed at the University of Kansas Medical Center and hope you will enjoy learning more about us.

Our fellowship program is committed to providing a community and tools necessary to help you develop into an inquisitive, yet independent compassionate physician who can thrive in roles of educator, scientist and public health advocate depending on your individualized goals.

We believe we have strong clinical programs in place which provide robust training opportunities, committed faculty and staff who are eager to share work and life experiences with you and an amazing training environment, city and community which supports this work.

We align ourselves with our Institution's goals to create an environment of instruction, research and service that fosters the development of diverse, respectful collaborative professionals who are equipped to seek extraordinary opportunities now and throughout their professional lives.

We look forward to sharing our life, our experiences, our mentorship and our program with you. We are confident you will find the University of Kansas an extraordinary place.

Lisa Clough, MD

Lisa Clough, MD
Infectious Diseases Fellowship Program Director

Last modified: Feb 24, 2021

Lisa Clough, MD

Lisa Clough, MD
Fellowship Director

Jessica Newman, DO

Jessica Newman, DO
Associate Program Director


Charlotte Rendon
Program Coordinator
Fax: 913-588-4098

Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate fellows to become exceptional Infectious Diseases practitioners and lifelong learners equipped to ask important questions and seek meaningful answers, advocate for safe and effective health care while striving to embrace mutual respect, empathy and collegiality with care teams and the patients they serve.