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Myeloma and Amyloidosis Disorder Clinic Information

Myeloma Doctors

Click here for a video about Dr. Abdallah joining the KU Cancer Center team.  

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Our Mission: "Through cutting-edge research, develop and implement novel and effective treatments for long-term control and eradication of myeloma delivered in a 'world class' patient care and educational setting of KU Cancer Center." 

Goals to enhance our Mission


  1. Weekly collaboration of care through current bone marrow transplant physician and nurse practitioner meetings.
  2. Weekly collaboration between Dr. Abdallah, nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse coordinators to discuss, evaluate, and implement clinical improvement initiatives.
  3. Support myeloma community through quarterly presentations at the International Myeloma Support Group and be a continual resource and partner with the International Myeloma Foundation.
  4. Collaboration of care with bone marrow transplant, neurology, nephrology, orthopedics, pain management, IR, palliative care, psychology, and supportive care services; strive to have a dedicated specialist in each of these areas for myeloma patients.

Research Academic

  1. Opening clinical trials
  2. Obtaining grants
  3. Contributing in basic research
  4. Contribute to national meetings through presentations and research
  5. Submission of clinic driven abstracts and research

Regional Outreach

  1. Continue to expand through increased clinic referrals
  2. To become an expert resource in the region through dedication and collaboration with rural hospitals and clinics, community leaders, and caregivers
  3. Build networks with other universities

Myeloma Team

Last modified: Aug 12, 2020